Revival Ice+Cream creates chef-driven ice cream in small batches from scratch. Our unique and fun flavors feature quality ingredients starting with organic Clover dairy milk and cream. Our frozen desserts are based on seasonal ingredients from local farmers and friends and enhanced with housemade toppings.

Revival Ice+Cream is pasteurized and churned in house in small batches, which enables us to create a superior product from scratch to perfectly match the ingredients that make our unique flavors. We focus on utilizing fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, nuts, and whole grains to bring the best of the farm straight to your cone. All of our sauces, add-ins, toppings and garnishes are made in house, and if we don’t make it, our friends do. Our goal is to create tasty, interesting and fun flavors while staying rooted within nature’s bounty.

In addition to scoops of great flavors of ice cream and sorbets we offer an array of frozen desserts such as ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, shakes, floats using house made sodas, profiteroles, traditional and Chef curated sundaes, pints, ice cream cakes and pies to go. Our housemade toppings include fudge sauce, whipped cream, meringues and assorted crunchy pearls as well as whipped coconut milk, peanut butter powder, speculoos crumbs and vegan cocoa paper to name a few.

We’re located in Monterey, CA

463 Alvarado STreet

11 AM - 9 PM
11 AM - 10 PM


Grand Opening

Thursday, November 10
4 - 6 pm

Free Toppings All Day!

Free Mini Scoops of a Special Grand Opening Flavor*
Play Games! Win Prizes! 
Live Music by Summer & Alaina

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